Why is Video important for my website?

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Professional video servicesIt is no secret that there are very few marketing solutions that are more effective than video.  Video can convey a message, and in turn a residing opinion, emotion, idea, etc., for the viewer, far quicker than almost any other marketing medium.  The only form of marketing that surpasses video is word of mouth.

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, so what does that make video?  While this may seem a bit cliché, it is not too far from the truth.  Video can not only convey the message of a single photo (or otherwise known as a “frame”) but it can convey the message in a stream of photos, shown together in rapid succession, creating a motion picture.  Combine that with audio which will include anything from spoken dialog, to music tracks, to sound effects, and so on, then you have the ability to create a lasting memory with your audience.

It has been said that if placed and used correctly on your website, video can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.  The reason for this is because video allows the viewer to better understand the product or service you offer.  Architects, for example, inevitably have galleries of past projects they have completed and while those can be very effective at displaying the necessary expertise of that architect and their style, video can do all that and more.  Something as simple as taking those same images from your image gallery but placing them into a video slideshow combined with an audio track to compliment the theme/style of your work, will significantly improve the viewing experience for your audience.  Go a step further and include video walkthroughs, client testimonials, and so on, you will begin to see the huge value that video can bring to a website.

While we are on the topic of sharing statistics, 91% of consumers look online before making a purchasing decision.  This includes time spent researching the companies they wish to buy services from and searching for reviews from other people on those services.  This is all to say that consumers have access to far more information than ever before and, generally speaking, the company that can provide the most information for their consumers, will generally win the most business.

Last but not least, videos increase a website’s SEO.  Videos accomplish this as the added time visitors spend watching a websites video collection, will convert to boosted SEO values.  The important takeaway on this is that your videos need to be captivating.  While simply having video on your website will certainly help in almost every way, it is important to remember that the goal is to have your viewer watch your clips from start to end.  While making a video slideshow yourself might be somewhat easy for some of you and is certainly far less expensive than using a professional service, you should still consider the added quality and professional appearance of using a true video service.  A professional video service will use professional grade software that will allow them to “meta tag” important information to the video that Google and other search engines can then use to help direct traffic to those videos.  Think of meta tagging as a way of adding an invisible description to your videos that only search engines can read.  This is important as search engines generally don’t know anything more about a video other than the fact that they know it is a video.  This simply means that it is very difficult for search engines to connect interested viewers to the most appropriate video they are inquiring about.

As you can see, video has a huge importance in all facets of marketing and it is very important to implement it wisely.  Always do your research before investing time and money into a marketing campaign, learn your target audience and market to them in the most strategic way possible.

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