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Your business website is a key component of your brand. It is the first impression that your potential customers and professionals in the industry will get of you. Your website will be your voice in transmitting the core values of your company and the specialties that distinguish you from your competitors. The design of your website is your opportunity to shine. But what is website design? Everything about your website- including the content, the way it looks, how it works etc., is all part of website design. Web design is the process of taking the incredible ideas from your head and planning to it out to build a collection of electronic files that will determine the layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, and interactive features that deliver the pages to your audience.

There are different coding languages and levels of expertise that go into the creating of a website. However, there are 3 main goals that any website has to accomplish:

  1. All websites should be user-friendly.
  2. Websites should connect with your audience using their language.
  3. Integrate with all channels of communication that your company uses.
  1. User-friendly Websites

All websites should be user-friendly; meaning, your website has to be easy to use and interactive. You will have less than 30 seconds, according to HubSpot, to capture the attention of your visitors in the website before they “bounce out”- leave your website. The goal is to capture their attention and give them a reason to stay longer and scroll through the content you have prepared for them. You might have amazing content but if you are not able to capture their attention immediately, the content might become useless.

The easier it is to navigate your website, the more inclined your audience will be to stay on the website. If you are able to provide an attractive and interactive website that makes it easy to find the information that your audience is looking for, congrats, you have a good website. If you don’t, you might want to do some revisions to your website to ensure that it is making life easier for your visitors.

  1. Using their language

Before launching your website, make sure that your visitors will understand the message you want to give. You have to think like them and keep in mind that your visitors might not understand certain jargon. If your visitors cannot understand what you are trying to say, via your website, then you will lose them. Speak their language, give them the visuals they want, connect with your visitors. Great websites are those that connect with their visitors and prove that they are relevant and accurate.

Your website should be connecting with your audience. It should give them reasons to want to stay on there and navigate through every page. How do you accomplish this? By defining who your target audience is and learning what motivates them. You can then create a website that will bring their interests and their views into one place. This will prove that you are talking to them and will help develop a relationship between your brand and that visitor.

  1. Integration with all channels of communication

In a world full of connections and relationships, it is crucial that your website can integrate, connect, with all the platforms where you are reaching your ideal customer. Your website has to be able to connect with your social media platforms easily and flawlessly. Links, that can take your users from your website to your social platforms and back, are crucial.  If at any point, your links are “broken” and can not take your visitors back into your website, you have a higher possibility of losing that customer in the journey. Visitors expect all the links and pages of your website to work and give them exactly what they are looking for.

Additionally, search engines such as Google and Bing, value websites that are built on strong links and are connecting everything together. By having strong workable links connecting your website to your social media platforms, these search engines will rate you higher and help your website climb up on relevancy. Remember that your website is the home to everything your brand does and everything has to bring your visitors back to your website. Therefore, make sure that your website is standing strong with those connections.

As with everything digital, it is easier said than done. Yes, your website has to be user-friendly, speak their language and connect to your social platforms; but how do you do it? It can get technical if we go into speaking about HTML and other coding languages. Yet, there is no better advice when it comes to building a perfect website than to say, hire a professional developer. A website developer will be able to capture your vision and bring it to life flawlessly, leaving a beautiful and interactive website for your visitors.

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