Every Effective Welcome Email Needs These 10 Things

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Effective Welcome Email

Email marketing ROI is higher than any other channel or messaging format. Your Welcome email leads to long-term relationships better than any communication format.

  1. ¬†Send immediately: send your Welcome Email immediately after someone signs up to a membership, subscription or call-to-action. It not only shows appreciation, it’s an email they will accept because they recognize the source: you.
  2. Subject line: send a short, clear-to-the-point message using action words: new, just in, bulletin, update, alert.
  3. Personal greeting: greet the person with their name, and tell them what they can expect to receive from you now that they have signed up. Make sure you say Welcome! or Thank-you! based on your message. Add value to the personal message like an update from the industry, or news that might effect them.
  4. Tell recipients what to do next: add links to archived newsletters, blogs, posts, e-books. Offer a value when you ask them to do something. Request more information from them in order to personalize future emails.
  5. Always provide a value specifically to them: not a generic give-away, but something that is relevant to them, their need. If you create a newsletter, and there is a specific article that effects a smaller core of subscribers, let them know it’s an article just for them.
  6. Ask for a follow: link the email to your social media platforms and ask for them to ‘follow’ you.
  7. Ask subscribers to add you to their ‘safe-senders’ list: your contacts list can increase significantly even if you only receive a few new names. Then, send those new contacts a ‘referral Welcome! Email’. For everyone, tell them to add you to their contacts list to ensure they receive your future emails.
  8. Unsubscribe: first, it’s the law. Secondly, you are giving them a chance to vote out. It should be less than 2% if you offer value.
  9. Refer a friend: ask your subscribers to refer a friend with a value offer. Include a refer-a-friend link to make it easy for subscribers to pay it forward.
  10. Great visuals: have visuals that not only support your message, but make sure that the graphics are mobile, portrait-format, as 67% of all researching for a new business is done on the smartphone.

In a crowded industry, or one where ‘every company says the same stuff’ you need to find a way to separate and differentiate yourself. Not with just a different Voice, but with a different offer that proves your value. Emails that are personalized and directed to a specific Tribal member, they can be up to 300% more effective than any other channel.

Architect Marketing Solutions ‘gets that’. We can conduct necessary research with you, with your customers, evaluate the competition and create a Brand that motivates visits and contacts with you through effective email campaigns.

Contact AMS and we will be your employee of the month to help you become more successful. Contact us with a call at 331-303-0959, or at info@architectmarketingsolutions.com to learn how we can help you to be more successful in 2019.

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