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12 Easy To Understand Points That Will Help You Understand SEO

Reading time: 5 minutes. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an acronym that many have heard, few know what the letters mean, fewer know what SEO is, how it helps them, and even fewer know how to execute it. The following is a bullet point/outline brief with one purpose:  to help you understand enough of this […]
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Website Design

Reading time: 2 minutes. Your business website is a key component of your brand. It is the first impression that your potential customers and professionals in the industry will get of you. Your website will be your voice in transmitting the core values of your company and the specialties that distinguish you from your competitors. […]

How to Identify and Optimize High-Impact Webpages

Reading time: 5 minutes. Pick a page with the MOST opportunity. You might think it is your Homepage, but it may not be. You want to find a page that will have the biggest impact for your particular campaigns, like boost leads, sales, etc. Where Most People Like to Start Working (…and Why it May […]
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