Brand Promise: A Critical Element for an Architect to Achieve Success

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What is a Brand Promise?

A Brand Promise is the expression and delivery of the brand experience, every time. It is the extension of your company’s positioning and the tangible benefit that makes your product or service desirable.

A successful residential or commercial project is when the architect delivers the client’s vision in real life, on-time, on-budget.  That is how you are evaluated as a quality architect. Through a great design that functionally meets their needs, completed on-time and on-budget.  When you promise that, and deliver that, your Brand Promise becomes your reputation to others.


You can’t attract a loyal following if nobody notices you. Consumers today are faced with a dizzying array of choices. “An over-abundance of look-alike products and me-too services is forcing customers to search for something, anything, to help them separate the winners from the clutter.”

So if you are serious about developing a powerful brand, your first order of business is to make sure you stick out from your competition.  If your business blends into the background noise, it’s lost from the start. Differentiation provides needed contrast and helps people make choices to you. It’s what makes your successful brand unique.

Opportunity Cost:

The opportunity cost of hiding in the shadows of other architects because consumers don’t experience what you can design, can make, or break, your company. When you display confidence in your abilities and develop a compelling and consistent customer experience, it can more easily differentiate yourself, and assume a market leadership position. Clients will choose you more often because your Brand Promise offers a realized and expected value.

Leverage over the competition:

Your Brand Promise gives you substantial leverage over your customer’s brand experience. It allows you to your client’s expectations, generate excitement, and when you deliver, your Brand Promise becomes your reputation; that is recommended to others.

3 Ways to Make (and Keep) Your Promise

What promises are you making to your clients? To motivate them, your Brand Promise must achieve the following three goals:

  1. It must convey your compelling benefit
  2. It must be authentic and credible
  3. It must be kept, every time

Promises Kept

Your Promise will define you in the marketplace. But, it must create expectations and then consistently deliver on them. As an example, in a crowded package delivery industry where getting the product there on time, FedEx made it’s promise that has become an understood benefit— When it absolutely has to get there overnight, it will.  Guaranteed.

To stand out in a crowded industry, you must identify your Brand Promise, and then your Voice and Story communicates that.  When your Promise is believed, you create long-term business relationships.


When you keep your Brand Promise, it becomes your reputation and the reason that satisfied customers return and recommend you to others.

Architect Marketing Solutions ‘gets that’.  We will conduct necessary research with you to understand what you can and will consistently deliver.  We can conduct research with your customers, evaluate the competition and create a Brand Promise that motivates visits and contacts with you.  Your Brand Promise kept, will bring them back.

Contact Architect Marketing Solutions and we will be your partner to help you communicate your Brand Promise to create that differentiated reputation.  Give us a call at 331-303-0959, or email us at to learn how we can help you to be more successful in 2019.

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