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Anyone in the world of marketing will say that analytics are key indicators of the direction a business should take. You will hear the term ‘analytics’ being thrown around and people assuming they know exactly what to do with that information. However, if you aren’t a marketing genius, then the term ‘analytics’ raises more questions than answers. What are analytics? Why are they beneficial? How do they relate with architects? What correlation does analytics have with websites? Well, all of these are valid questions which we will address today.

  1. What are analytics?

Analytics is a fancy term used to describe the practice of measuring, managing and analyzing marketing performance to optimize and effectively use marketing budget to increase the ROI. In other words, analytics helps marketers see where their dollars are going and if they are being successful. Understanding the various numbers, the analytics, helps marketers understand what is working and what they should change. Analytics are more than numbers upon numbers; these numbers compose reports that can help predict where the market is and what they are expecting from you. The more acquainted you are with these reports, the better your marketing efforts will be.

  1. Why are they beneficial?

The reports containing all the analytics are very beneficial to businesses. These reports highlight the results of your marketing efforts. You can then take those numbers and compare it to your initial predictions of what you were expecting. Numbers don’t lie, and it will be clear if your marketing efforts paid off or if they didn’t. Not happy with the results? Don’t worry, you can use these reports to fix somethings. Maybe you are focusing too much on getting leads and not enough in maintaining relationships. Or maybe you are putting a big budget on sales and not enough in marketing. These are the type of questions that analytical reports provide answers to. It might be confusing to see all the numbers and give meaning to it all. Yet, a good marketer has to demystify the numbers and put it into perspective. A business is only as great as the tools it has to become better.

  1. How do analytics even relate to architects?

You might think “all that sounds right for marketers but how does it apply to architects?” Well, it is true that architects are not thinking about how many visitors their website got or how long people stayed on their pages. Yet, analytical reports can be just as helpful to architects as they are to marketers. How? Simple, they provide clarity to grow.

Architects are great at taking their client’s vision and turning it into a blueprint. They are also great at taking those blueprints and transforming them into a reality with the help of other skilled individuals. However, for so long, architects have enclosed themselves in a box of the mentality that “referrals are sufficient for any firm.” When in reality, referrals can only take you so far. In order to grow, architect firms, just as any other business, have to be able to understand and adapt to change. Change comes through innovation and finding new ways of perfecting what you are already good at.

By using analytics, architect firms can understand several key things like: is your website attracting people, what about your website is cultivating attention and interaction, where can you improve your website, what KPIs (key performance indicators) are being met etc. These numbers can give a whole new meaning to your prospecting and ultimately, in cultivating meaningful relationships with your current and potential clients. If you want to grow beyond referrals and be a leader in an industry that is used to the status quo, analytics is the way to go.

  1. What correlation does analytics have with a website?

A website is more than pages on the internet. Your website is the hub of all your online marketing efforts. Yes, you need a great social media presence; but you also need a great website. Ultimately, all your information should be found in a nice and clean website. Each page on your website should indicate why your visitors should choose you to form a business relationship with and not your competition. In addition, your website should produce analytic reports that can help you when prospecting.

The analytics produced by your website should help you decide if your website needs an update or not. These numbers should tell you what is attracting visitors to your page and what is simply not working. By understanding these reports, you can decide what direction your firm should take in order to grow. How to achieve this? There are various systems that can be programmed into your website coding in order to receive the information you are looking for. It’s a matter of understanding what system will work best for you and which one will give you the information you are looking for. Once this coding takes place, you will have to translate numbers into “what does this mean to me.”

This is where Architect Marketing Solutions can help you. We are experts in analytics. Not only do we understand how to get them, but we also know how to help you understand those reports. Let us help:

  1. Demystify website analytics to determine actionable date
  2. Report on KPI’s monthly to ensure progress towards measurable goals
  3. Use analytic data to improve website performance

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