Jim King – Founder/President


Jim King

  • 22 years of online business experience, including e-commerce, website hosting and server maintenance.
  • Founded three successful e-commerce businesses: invitations, custom photo gifts and
    website design/website development/hosting.
  • Strong background in analytics and data based decision-making. Certified in Google Tag Manager,
    Google Analytics E-Commerce and Google Analytics.


My first business was founded in 1997. It was an online invitation and photo gift business. I stepped away from day to day operations in 2005, taking the skills I developed, to build a website development company. That business gave me the experience of building flawless websites and learning how to market online. My background is a business owner. I understand the unique needs of small businesses and the online world in which we live and compete.

This has been my professional world for the last 20+ years.


I’m also a Golden Retriever lover. My wife and I have had Golden Retrievers as part of our family since before we were married.  Our son grew up with dogs in our house.

We are both volunteers with As Good as Gold. In our 15 years with them, we have fostered over 70 dogs, all of whom were adopted by loving families. I’m currently the IT Coordinator and President of the Board of Directors. I spend many hours each month ensuring that we find loving homes for these sweet, innocent goldens.

Together We Achieve Success.