Byron Stanger – CMO

Byron Stanger

  • 40 years of Brand development, and positioning products and companies.
  • As a newly hired General Manager, I motivated my Team to turn around ether stagnant or declining sales into a profitable position.
  • As a professor, I taught undergraduate and graduate college students to learn how to become marketing consultants with real clients. I teach now at NaperLaunch Academy, to educate ‘entrepreneur hopefuls‘ how to launch their company.
  • Consulted three companies: two from ‘bootstrap‘ to solvency, and one from a small company to a mid-size company.

Byron’s career has been about achieving one thing:  increase productivity and profits.

Whether that is for the companies he worked for in a product development, marketing management or as a general manager, growth was always the goal.  Sometimes the goal was to reverse a downward sales and profit trend to a profit position, or to build upon the existing foundation and improve net profit, or sometimes to start from scratch and build a company from no current market position.

With experience as a 35 year business veteran, as a professor teaching Case Management/Company Growth in both undergraduate and graduate school,  as an instructor at the NaperLaunch Academy that teaches entrepreneur hopefuls to achieve their dream and start their company, or as a co-founder starting a branding / digital marketing agency, the objective has always been the same:  productivity and sustainable growth.

There’s no secret.  It’s hard work.  Learn the problems and the resulting pain that your customers have, learn if you possibly have the solution that answers those problems and pain, and then to translate those learnings into developing a Brand communication and messaging content that illustrates your audience will do better choosing you over your competitors.

Hard work can be fun.  But only if the result is success.  That is what Architect Marketing Solutions believes in:  together we achieve success.  It’s not a motto.  It’s our belief.  Our Why.

Together We Achieve Success.