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Effective Welcome Email

Every Effective Welcome Email Needs These 10 Things

Reading time: 3 minutes. Email marketing ROI is higher than any other channel or messaging format. Your Welcome email leads to long-term relationships better than any communication format. ┬áSend immediately: send your Welcome Email immediately after someone signs up to a membership, subscription or call-to-action. It not only shows appreciation, it’s an email they will […]
Differentiate Yourself

18 Ways To Differentiate Yourself To Be More Successful

Reading time: 8 minutes. In a crowded industry, or one that many companies appear to be created from the same mold, it has been proven that when you differentiate yourself with identifiable value, you will be chosen over another architect. To do that, you need to create a differentiator which must meet three important criteria: […]
your brand is what other people say

12 Steps to Creating Your Brand To Ensure Your Financial Success: Part 2

Reading time: 7 minutes. Concentrating your company resources to create your Brand is a planned process and journey that positions your company and creates long-term success. Few companies plan this process, but those that do, increase their success rate. While a patent loses its value as each day approaches the expiration date, when you work […]
brand is not what we tell customers it is

Marketplace Analysis: the end-result that drives increased success

Reading time: 5 minutes. When you improve your marketplace competitiveness, you separate yourself from ‘options’ that your customers, whether consumers or businesses, and improves your probability to being chosen. That choice equals more clients, more revenue, adding more capabilities, and is a track-record proven way to add services. This marketplace analysis consists of four detailed […]
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