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12 Steps to Creating Your Brand To Ensure Your Financial Success: Part 1

Reading time: 7 minutes. Concentrating your company resources to create your Brand is a planned process and journey that positions your company and creates long-term success. Few companies plan this process, but those that do, increase their success rate. While a patent loses its value as each day approaches the expiration date, when you work […]
Website Hosting Plans

What are Website Hosting Plans?

Reading time: 3 minutes. When you have a website, the files and images that makeup your website are stored on a computer somewhere. The details and specs of that comptuer are your website hosting plan.  Web servers are computers designed specifically for serving up websites.  Because of this, many of the same rules that apply […]

Brand Promise: A Critical Element for an Architect to Achieve Success

Reading time: 3 minutes. What is a Brand Promise? A Brand Promise is the expression and delivery of the brand experience, every time. It is the extension of your company’s positioning and the tangible benefit that makes your product or service desirable. A successful residential or commercial project is when the architect delivers the client’s […]
Professional video services

Why is Video important for my website?

It is no secret that there are very few marketing solutions that are more effective than video.  Video can convey a message, and in turn a residing opinion, emotion, idea, etc., for the viewer, far quicker than almost any other marketing medium.  The only form of marketing that surpasses video is word of mouth. They […]

7 Actions That Make A Successful Website

Improve Your User’s Experience:  Give Them A Reason to Stay Don’t make them think to find about ‘why am I visiting you?’ Optimize your site speed (‘too long to load’ is #1 reason to leave a site). Pop-up bots are accepted when they provide help; hated when all it does is try to sell. Mobile-first: […]
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