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Biggest blogging mistakes

8 Biggest Blogging Mistakes That Reduce Your Potential to Attract New Customers

Reading time: 2 minutes. Attracting visitors to your site and an educative way (non-selling) to motivate followers to seek out your abilities.  A blog follower chooses to follow you because you provide value to them. However, companies that do not know how to blog can turn off potential customers and listed below are eight common […]
Website Functionality

5 Keys to Better Website Functionality

Reading time: 2 minutes. When designing or relaunching your company website, you’ve got a lot of options to consider. Should you use video, sliders, hero images, animated navigation, etc. When defining your brand and brand message, you will clarify who your tribes (target market) is so you’ll know who you are designing for. And that’s […]
Effective Landing Page

Effective Landing Pages – 13 Best Practices

Reading time: 3 minutes. A landing page is the first page a visitor sees when landing on your website. An effective landing page motivates them to want to click and learn more.  If your landing page is doing its job, it is motivating them to want to learn more and click to view your other […]
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Reading time: 5 minutes. Email is known as one of the very first marketing outlets of communication. For many years, it was proven to be effective. Companies were able to create one email and send it as an email blast to all the email addresses they wanted. However, as time passed, consumers began to demand […]
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20 Business Reasons Why a Blogging Strategy Will Increase Your Success

Reading time: 4 minutes. Blogging is a term that many have heard of, and perhaps even blog for personal reasons.  However, blogging can be a significant reason why your company is more successful than those that do not blog. The following is a bullet point/outline brief with one purpose: to help you understand enough of […]
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