20 Business Reasons Why a Blogging Strategy Will Increase Your Success

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Blogging is a term that many have heard of, and perhaps even blog for personal reasons.  However, blogging can be a significant reason why your company is more successful than those that do not blog.

The following is a bullet point/outline brief with one purpose: to help you understand enough of this marketing strategy when Architect Marketing Solutions is hired to execute a marketing program to help you become more successful.

  1. Generates Organic Traffic
  • Adds fresh content on a regular basis, makes you relevant.
  • Indexes your website and social platforms with Google and Bing which improves your relevance score, which increases your page rank.
  • If your competitors don’t have a blog, and you do, the search engine will rank you higher, which increases your visibility.
  1. Improves Your SEO Ranking
  • AMS has a blog post on SEO, and your blogging will improve your SEO rank.
  • Continued content will further improve your ranking. Make sure your blog has some (not many) keywords.
  • Provides relevant reasons to index your site as a resource-center to both prospects and search engines.
  • Helps you rank significantly higher in ’long-tail queries’.  An example:  a short-term query is ’architects’ which you may not even appear.  But do to your blog content power, when someone provides a ’long-tail query’ like: ‘architects who specialize in add-on rooms’, you will be rated very high in the rankings.
  1. Gives You Ready-Made Content to Share on Social Media
  • Evergreen (a classic topic post that can be re-purposed and posted again) blog content can be a foundation for short snippets in your social media platform posts.
  • Social platform blog posts can drive traffic to your website.
  1. Provides Good Content for Your Newsletter
  • Blogs can be re-purposed and emailed to your customers or prospects in the form of newsletters which provide ROI value as the ’open-rate’ is 184% more than cold calls or prospect-sell campaigns.
  1. Provides Content to Attract/Share with Guest Bloggers
  • Guest blogging improves your Google rank as it confirms that you provide relevance, and you are an industry source for valued content.
  • Your blog can be shared by your viewers to their followers which increases your image/professionalism, and you reach people you might not otherwise reach. (that person becomes your Influencer).
  • You can attract inbound links from associations and recognized industry leaders if you are educational, not commercial, in your topic posts.  This association increases your industry-leadership position.
  1. Helps Convert Traffic Into Leads/Customers
  • According to a 2017 Hubspot report, blogs posts increase leads by 600% compared to a company that does not blog.
  • Provides an opportunity to add a CTA (call to action) that directly drives a visitor into a potential customer such as signing up for a newsletter, membership, download an article/e-book, or PDF. Now you have an email address and you own that visitor for your future marketing campaigns.
  1. The Greater/Longer Your Blog Archive, the Easier It is to Write a Sequel on the Topic
  • A series (Part 1, 2, 3) increases core engagement by 800% according to Buffer and retains visitors into the entire series. They keep coming back to you for more.
  1. Helps Establish You As An Industry Expert/Thought Leader
  • A value content blog should be an extension of your Brand, which improves your influence and helps you to build a ’followers network.’
  • Answering questions that your prospect has PRIOR to contacting you further increases their interest in you as a trustworthy/knowledgeable source.  This will improve conversions from a visitor, to a prospect, to a customer.
  1. Drives Long-Term Results With Evergreen Content
  • Google will continue to value your long term blogging total and will rank you higher due to your commitment, and higher than a ’newbie’ who just posted their first blog.  Commitment matters to Google.
  • Static sites with only a few blogs don’t attract the new clients through referrals. ‘Core viewers’ will refer you.
  1. Helps With Your Own Market Research
  • Monitor/respond to questions that readers ask and it illustrates that their needs are important to you, and are a pipeline to what is central on their mind.
  • Their questions can be the topic of your next blog topic that shows you respond to their questions.
  • Website analytics will help you to better understand your key Tribes which in turn helps improve your marketing efforts.
  1. Humanizes and Connects People To Your Brand
  • Adds a personal touch.  People don’t hire companies, they hire people who they trust and like.
  • Your blogs help you to take ownership of your online identity.
  1. A Low Cost Approach to be Authentic/Genuine/Real
  • When you are not commercial and ’asking for the sale’ and continue to provide valuable content that will help your visitor. They will contact you when they need someone they can trust for their project.
  1. Educate Your Prospects
  • Provides industry details from your experience that helps your prospects better understand intricacies that will help them to realize they can achieve their dream with you.
  • Illustrates that you have thought about their needs and ’you have the answers.’
  1. Creates an FAQ That Shows Your Prospect You Have the Necessary Experience
  • Frequently Asked Question blogs provide a ’check list’ that your prospects can agree with the feeling: “Yeah, I was thinking about that!”
  1. Embed Videos and Presentations
  • Allows you to re-purpose content and easily share back stories that link back to your website.
  1. Signals Your Business is Alive
  • Multiple, on-going blog posts and social media posts illustrates that you are topic-current and ’still in business.’
  1. Bring Your Company Mission Statement to Life
  • Gives you an opportunity to bring your Brand Promise (what they can expect to receive from you) to life, telling your prospects who you are, and what you stand for.
  1. Highlight Those That Make Your Business Successful
  • Include customers, suppliers, associates, as it shows you respect and praise others for your success, and provides confirmation that you think about others above yourself.
  1. Support Your Off-Line Activities
  • Summarize your trade show and seminar meeting key points that will help your prospects to learn ’inside information’ about industry trends that can improve their home project.
  1. Understand Key Personas
  • Illustrate that both your prospects’ persona and yours align and that they can feel comfortable with you.

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