Effective Landing Pages – 13 Best Practices

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Effective Landing PageReading time: 3 minutes.

A landing page is the first page a visitor sees when landing on your website. An effective landing page motivates them to want to click and learn more.  If your landing page is doing its job, it is motivating them to want to learn more and click to view your other pages.  (Note: search engines rank each page of your site independently. Your landings pages will often rank higher than you home page. They are more relevant, more focused on a specific topic and have higher dwell time [time spent on the page]).

  1. Segmentation Leads To Personalization:  The Voice Of Your Customer

  • Make sure your home page makes it easy for each Tribe (the customer group that should/will be your core customer) to see where they are supposed to click; make sure they feel you are talking to THEM.
  • Your home page and landing pages illustrate you understand your Tribe’s pain points.  They do not ‘want a room addition’, they want a comfy/elegant room to entertain.  The room is just the place to hold the valued party.


  1. Your Website:  It’s Your Brand.  It Convinces Your Visitors to Stay Or To Leave

  • Does it support your Brand Strategy? Who you are, what you stand for, why you are better; told in THEIR words.
  • Does it tell your Brand Promise? Do they know what they can expect from you (and it’s what they need).


  1. Does It Grab Their Attention In 3 Seconds?

  • Your content needs to reflect your objective and purpose:  to solve their problem or need.
  • Can they figure out your value proposition (what you will deliver to them) quickly?
  • Lists are read 80% more completely than paragraphs/sentences; they will skim your page, and if you deliver, they will read your paragraphs/sentences.


  1. Content:  Question – Answer – Evidence – Make Action Easy

  • Question:  Do you ask the question your Tribe would ask?
  • Answer:  Do you provide the solution to their need?
  • Evidence:  do you provide facts, track record/example results, testimonials, reviews, ratings that help to convince them you are the solution?
  • Make Action Easy: can they find your CTA (call to action), does it convince them that you have the solution?


  1. User Experience:  Do You Resonate
  • Do you have a simple, user friendly, easy to navigate site (with no broken links).
  • Do you make it easy to share with their friends?


  1. Desktop & Mobile:  Be Responsive

  • You must be easy to view on any device, including cell phones.  More searches are done from mobile devices than a desktop computer.
  • If it’s difficult to see or navigate your website, they will leave.


  1. Kiss: Busy, Crowded, Glaring Does Not Tell A Good Story

  • Your color choice, content level, design, font legibility will make a difference between staying and leaving.
  • People read headlines 500% more than sentences; make sure your headlines tell your story.
  • Make sure they can see/click your CTA (call to action), and be ‘above the fold’ to reduce the need to scroll.


  1. Customer Benefits: – Not Features!

  • Their purchase will be made when they understand what value they will receive (their great entertainment room), and not the features (wood style, window brand name, etc.).
  • Explain what the benefit is using their words, not yours and not industry lingo.


  1. People Watch Videos – And Read Less Paragraphs Of Text

  • Hubspot (2018) estimates 75% of all CONVERSIONS will be generated from videos, 22% pictures, 3% text.
  • Action/Music/A Video Story causes emotional engagement, which causes behavior, which causes action.


  1. Easy-To-Find Answers To Their Problems

  • 40% will use the menu bar, 60 will scroll and click:  make sure your design/content responds to that.
  • Be organized with your files and the clicks to their answer.
  • Don’t concentrate on getting their email or phone call as opposed to providing a solution.
  • Provide a Tapas taste and not a full entre’:  save something for your face-to-face personality meeting.
  • Axiom:  “If people have to hunt, they won’t. If they can’t find it, they can’t buy it.”  Make it easy.


  1. Repeat CTA Links

  • If they need to scroll or click multiple times to find an answer, make sure your CTA link is in more than one location:  top of page, middle, end of page.  Be there at the time they are ready to click your CTA.
  • Make sure your ‘’anchor text’ (your call to action) is not ‘click here’ as search engines will not consider that of value.  ‘click to call’, or ‘contact us’ will score higher in their algorithms.


  1. Pop-Ups:  They Will Help If They Are Not Annoying, And Help Your Visitor

  • If your pop-up helps them as opposed to ‘trying to land the sale’, you will have higher conversion rates.


  1. Contact Us:  Menu, Sign Up Forms, Click To Call Button

  • Make it easy to get in touch with you.  If they are interested, help them make the action easy to execute.
  • Make sure that when they click to contact you they receive a ‘’Thank You’ page. It shows a human, personal, personality approach, and not just ‘business’.


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