12 Steps to Creating Your Brand To Ensure Your Financial Success: Part 2

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Concentrating your company resources to create your Brand is a planned process and journey that positions your company and creates long-term success. Few companies plan this process, but those that do, increase their success rate.

While a patent loses its value as each day approaches the expiration date, when you work on your Brand, it increases in value each day, ensuring your future success. Whether your clients are B2B businesses and you execute an Account Based Marketing strategy, or B2C homeowners are your selected consumer audience (Tribe), concentrating your efforts to improving your Brand will have the highest ROI project of any marketing tactics that you execute.

If you do not have a high page rank, or are shown on the ‘local area map’ when a potential client ‘Googles’ the search term: ‘’architects in my city or village’, you may have a poor Google Brand rating, as Google considers your Brand to be a very important relevance criteria when ranking you. The purpose of this two-part series is to help you to understand that concentrating on your Brand can be one of the most important marketing programs that you can create.

The 12 steps to creating your Brand will be summarized in two-parts:

Part One Covers:

  1. Brandcept
  2. Brand Strategy
  3. Brand Voice
  4. Brand Story
  5. Brand Promise
  6. Brand Perception

Part Two Covers:

  1. Brand Consistency
  2. Brand Value
  3. Brand Authenticity
  4. Brand Selection
  5. Brand Loyalty
  6. Brand Advocacy

7. Brand Consistency

The continued, valued, end-result when your Brand Promise meets their demands…when it does, they trust it will come every time.

Brand PromiseThe consistency that you pride yourself on in completing a room addition or an entirely new wing or building, is the consistency that you need in your digital Brand Voice and Story communication.

The most important element in your digital communication footprint is your website ( all communication is to go there ), and Google evaluates the entire website to create your Q score ( quality score ) that is a key determinant in your final page rank.

What does Google Evaluate?

  • Both your Home Page and each Landing Page needs to be consistent in your consumer-friendly, relevant Story. If not, Google’s algorithm will see your lack of consistency and penalize you.
  • Your website is not ranked; each Landing Page is ranked and the accumulation determines your final page rank. Each Landing Page needs Brand-based SEO.

8. Brand Value

A set of visual, emotional associations, and possibly comments from your Tribe, that are easily recalled to mind when deciding between two options. True ‘value’ is memorized, all else is temporary.

When your buyer cries about your price, but continues to purchase, you know that your service has value in meeting their needs. To that point: when you consistently deliver on your promise, and they value that consistent delivery, and respect your Brand Promise, they do not question your Brand Value. Do not discount. Yes, you can provide a ‘bundle value’, but uphold your Brand with pride in the value you deliver.

The formula for value has never changed: Value = quality + price. The quality portion is the most important.

9. Brand Authenticity

The consumer’s definition of your product’s or service’s value when they describe you to someone else.

brand is not what we tell customers it isYour Brand is not what YOU think your brand is, it’s what consumers say it is… that determines your Brand. Your role to creating your Brand isn’t from spending ad money to ‘ get your Story out ‘. You control what INFULENCES the marketplace to say about you, but they are the ones telling others of your Brand. Tell them a Story about how you consistently deliver, which is your Promise. That reinforces and emphasizes your authenticity.

Image authenticity depends upon consistency, which upholds your Brand Promise. When you do uphold your Brand Promise, the marketplace knows it, and THAT is how a Brand Image is formed. By You. Delivering what you said you would. THAT is what one happy client can tell their friends that they can count on. Authentic. You do what you say you will do.

10. Brand Selection

The reason why your product value is not only evaluated, but is purchased, when others are available.

Brand StoryThe ‘ secret ‘ to being selected is that your product was designed to fill their needs better than the competition does. Your objective is to create your service, and then promise them that is what they will receive from you.

That becomes your Value Proposition. The combination of your Value Proposition, and your Brand Promise delivery, is why they will choose you over a ‘ geographically closer ‘ architect. They will travel the extra mile when you are worth it.

11. Brand Loyalty

The reason that the Tribe will continue to select you, possibly even search for you, in spite of temptations
( sale price or special offers from the competition ) because you meet their need.

Need is an emotional feeling, time and cost are objective. People make decisions based on emotions and justify them with logic. That’s why sometimes we say, “ what they did isn’t logical !” No, it wasn’t logical, they made the decision based on their feelings, and emotions. THAT is why your Brand, to be a Brand, needs to offer emotional reasons to be chosen.

They realize you are talented, and have constructed other projects. But not theirs! You need to speak to their needs and emotions, not to your storied past of projects completed.

12. Brand Advocacy

When the Tribal member stands up for your product and puts their own reputation on the line with their members by recommending YOU, even if other members think differently.

your brand is what other people sayNumerous research studies have proven that the #1 reason a person buys a product or service is because a valued friend recommended them. We typically call that a ‘ referral ‘, but what it is, is a person putting their reputation on the line to recommend you. And if you don’t deliver that quality they recommended, their reputation is tainted. Something that no one wants. Your Brand has a referral-generating obligation to uphold that person’s recommendation.


This article is Part 2 of a two-part topic and illustrates the end-benefits to you for concentrating on creating your Brand, which takes time to create, and can be quickly lost. If you missed it, read part 1.

Creating your Brand is a skill set just like any technical, creative skill set that you have. However, not many companies are able to effectively compete only with their company’s skill sets.

Architect Marketing Solutions can be your partner to help you identify your Voice and Story, communicate with your Tribes to improve your Brand. If you are interested in creating a Brand that separates you in a crowded architect marketplace, and motivating traffic to become your customer give us a call at 331-303-0959, or contact us at info@architectmarketingsolution.com.

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